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JET Rack® Interior Ladder Storage System

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The JET Rack® interior ladder storage system will quickly and efficiently secure your ladder on the ceiling or walls of your vehicle. The easy to install system will keep your ladders up, out of the way, and protected from theft and damaging weather.

  • Secure ladders up to 2.4m in length instantly on ceilings or walls.
  • Protect your ladder from shifting cargo, theft, and damaging weather.
  • Easy to install, easy to use. No buckles, straps, or ties.
  • Main components cast using tool-grade aluminium for strength and durability.
  • Conveniently designed to use with widely available strut channel (sold separately*).
  • JET Rack® comes with a 30 day 100% Money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime warranty included.

Strut Information

JET Rack® has been designed to work with a commonly used, widely available material called strut channel (also known by the brand name Unistrut).  This product is sold in most electrical wholesalers such as CEF.

The recommended strut is the shallow 41x21x2.5mm slotted version.  The strut acts as the rail for JET Rack® to run along, so will need to be cut to size for the van and/or ladders being used.

We give you the option to buy the strut from us, however many customers will source this themselves from their local electrical wholesaler, or even be able to use a surplus length from a previous job.  Most electrical wholesalers will offer the strut for circa £12+VAT.  The strut we supply costs more due to the shipping charges.

If you choose to purchase the strut from us, we can have it pre-cut to the lengths in the table below.  Please note, you may need to cut it down further for particular vehicles or to allow for bulkheads etc.  If in doubt buy a longer length than required.

IMPORTANT - If you choose to purchase the strut from us your order will arrive in two parts.  We have a distribution centre that will send the strut out seperately to your JET Rack®.

Recommended Sizes Below:

Ford Transit Courier or similar 1.5m Strut
Ford Transit Connect SWB or similar 1.8m Strut
Ford Transit Connect LWB or similar 2.4m Strut (cut down to around 2m)
Ford Transit Custom SWB or similar 2.4m Strut
Ford Transit Custom LWB or similar 3m Strut (cut down to around 2.9m)
Ford Transit Custom Double Cab SWB or similar 1.5m Strut
Ford Transit Custom Double Cab LWB or similar 2.4m Strut (cut down to around 1.9m)
Ford Transit or similar 3m Strut



JET Rack® installations usually take around 30-60 minutes.  You will receive full instructions with the product.  Head over to the Installations Page to download them, and to view step-by-step videos.

You will require a length of strut channel (41mmx21mm) that is cut to size for your van and ladders.  This is sold seperately.  Please refer to our FAQs for more information, or feel free to Contact Us.

There are multiple ways of installing the strut to the chosen location.  This will be very dependant on the place it is being installed.  Self tapping screws, long spring channel nuts etc can be used.  This is at the installers discretion.  Please bear in mind that a secure mounting for the strut is required for JET Rack® to operate.  Why not check out our Optional JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit for the most simple and secure way of mounting the strut to practically any surface.

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