Optional JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit

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Though not required, the JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit it is highly recommended as the fastest, strongest, most versatile and dependable method to mount your JET Rack® System with confidence and ease the first time.

Our Universal Mounting Plate can be formed to fit any suitable mounting surface found in any van, truck cap, trailer or storage space. Guaranteed!

When JET Rack® was first introduced, the variety of mounting locations and conditions were so vast, we resisted offering a “one method applies to all” mounting solution because we could not guarantee or even find that one affordable and easy to use method. So one was developed specifically for JET Rack®.

The JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit features unique dual-layer welded-plate design with an integrated, high-strength fastener.  A specialised perforation pattern allows no-tool bending of the plate to form around the square stock framework found in most aluminium truck caps. For other situations such as vans, trailers and more, the JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit may be gently formed, bent or trimmed to fit almost any shape necessary to achieve a solid, reliable, and long lasting installation.

It works by distributing the load across any suitable mounting surface in your van.

These features combine to deliver the strength and flexibility required to tackle an almost unlimited variety of mounting surfaces and locations.

Though each mounting plate weighs only 2oz, testing has shown the JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit capable of supporting dynamic weight under extreme forces far beyond anything that your JET Rack® will experience under normal, everyday use and driving conditions.  No longer guess if your fastener will be able to support your JET Rack® installation with the JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit – it will, and we guarantee it 100% or your money back!

• The "go to" solution for mounting the hanger strut
  (sold separately see FAQ) used for the JET Rack® system.
• It works with every suitable mounting surface
• Super strong – Exceeds strength requirements for standard JET Rack® installation
• Formable –  and easily trimmed to fit your unique application.
• Speeds up installation time – Perfect for multiple- JET Rack installations
• Intuitive design and simple, 1-page instruction.
• Premium white lithium grease packet now included to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your JET Rack®
• No more guessing if the fastener you’re working with will hold – it will!
• Guaranteed – Return product for replacement or full refund if it fails.