JET Rack® Interior Ladder Storage

Stow your stepladders simply, safely and securely in seconds

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Create More Space

Storing your stepladders with JET Rack® allows you to utilise space previously lost.

Universal Fitting

JET Rack® can be installed anywhere you are able to mount a length of strut.

The Benefits of JET Rack®

- Keeps both your cargo and stepladders safe by storing them up high.

- Simple and quick to use. Simply slide on and slide off in a matter of seconds. No buckles and straps to tie up.

- Designed to work with strut channel (Unistrut or similar). *Strut not included*

- Universal fitment means that you can buy one JET Rack® to last you for life. Upgrading your van? Simply take JET Rack® with you.

- Built to last. The main components of JET Rack® are made from tool grade aluminium.

- JET Rack®is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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How does it Work?

Simply hook the top of your stepladder onto the JET Rack® and push it into your vehicle. Finally, hook the bottom rung onto the end of JET Rack® and you're good to go. Check out the video below to see how simple it really is.

See it in Action

How secure are my ladders?

The video below shows the JET Rack® being put through it's paces.

Strut Channel (Unistrut)

JET Rack® has been designed to work alongside an widely used product called strut channel. Used across a variety of trades, it is often purchased under the brand name of Unistrut.

*The strut channel is NOT included with JET Rack®. It is commonly found in most electrical wholesalers. HERE is an example of strut available from CEF.

We recommend that you use JET Rack® with the shallower 21x41mm channel. However, it is still compatible with the deeper 41x41mm varient.

There are a variety of ways to mount the Unistrut to the ceiling, however none are easier than the JET Rack® Universal Mounting Kit.

Testimony from R Burnett

"I found it very easy to assemble and mount.   I went out for a few hours later to do some work and didn’t hear a single rattle from the back of the van and the ladders were stowed safely. Its made a fantastic difference getting the ladders out of the way giving me space and a more organised van."

Testimony from B Jowitt

"JET Rack® looked like it functioned well, as our current make-shift stow made it difficult for us to remove and replace the ladder.
After ordering one and using for a couple of weeks, I was very pleased with the mechanism and also the quality of the product. It was very easy to build and fit alongside our existing racking. This is when I decided to order two more for our other vans."


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