JET Rack® Interior Ladder Storage System

JET Rack® is the BEST solution for carrying stepladders in your van.

It's quick to use, easy to access and protects your ladders and cargo from unwanted damage during transit.

You can load and unload ladders in seconds by simply sliding your ladder in and out.

Remove the hassle of securing them to roof bars, for them to get wet, damaged or stolen.

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  • Rupert B

    "I found it very easy to assemble and mount.   I went out for a few hours later to do some work and didn’t hear a single rattle from the back of the van and the ladders were stowed safely. Its made a fantastic difference getting the ladders out of the way giving me space and a more organised van."

  • Ben J

    "JET Rack® looked like it functioned well, as our current make-shift stow made it difficult for us to remove and replace the ladder. After ordering one and using for a couple of weeks, I was very pleased with the mechanism and also the quality of the product. It was very easy to build and fit alongside our existing racking. This is when I decided to order two more for our other vans."

  • Peter F

    "JET Rack has made my daily work life that little bit easier. I've had it for 3 months now and love it. It saves me so much time as my ladders have to be loaded and unloaded multiple times a day. I was concerned it might rattle but its silent. Love it!"

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Commonly Asked Questions

Will this Fit in my Van?

Yes, absolutely! JET Rack is a completely universal product that can be installed anywhere that you can mount the strut channel.

Whether you want to install in a van, pickup truck canopy, or just to the ceiling of your garage - JET Rack will work anywhere the strut can be mounted.

What Type of Ladders are Compatible?

JET Rack has been designed to work with all standard A-frame fibreglass stepladders. Commonly these ladders are the "yellow electrician" type, however there are brands that are compatible but not yellow.

For instance the Little Giant King Kombo steps work perfectly. If you're unsure, please feel free to check with us.

What is Strut Channel/Unistrut?

Strut channel is a commonly used building material. Most electrical wholesalers can offer this item in a 3m length.

We recommend the 41x21x1.5mm slotted strut channel.

Won't this Rattle?

No. Providing the installation is carried out correctly, and the system has been adjusted to the ladder in place, then there should be almost no noise.